Five reasons to implement E-signing solution in your company


Today’s companies have many options for signing documents. Signing contracts is something that no company or entrepreneur can avoid, the more it is worth thinking about improving this process. Do this by changing your traditional signature to an e-signature on your mobile device.

Infinite’s solution – e-Signing documents on a mobile device is a reliable alternative. What characterizes it and what implementing this solution would l bring to your company?

  1. Speed of services

Infinite e-sign Suite can be implemented in the company within a week. It does not require interference with a complicated IT systems or installation of additional software or acquiring an extra hardware besides mobile devices.

2. Ease of use

We are accustomed to signing documents on paper, meanwhile the Infinite service based on Signatus software is used even by people from the “non-digital” generation. They appreciate this way of signing and that doesn’t require to buy certificates or activation. They simply exchange the paper in favor of  a mobile device with a biometric layer and send the signed document to an e-mail or to the e-Archive. Quick and easy!

3. Full data security

E-signing of documents has many levels of security. First of all, the signature placed on a mobile device with a biometric layer contains more information than the traditional one. Records such as coordinates, speed, pen pressure or even air moves. These are individual values ​​for each person that can’t be forged or reused on any other document. It is worth to mention, that e-signing is based on Signatus software which is fully compatible with Samsung KNOX guaranteeing security at the military level. It can’t be safer!

  4. Easy archiving of documents

Tons of binders, folders, huge archives in which it’s hard to find something … Eliminating paper prints will not only reduce their area, but also simplify the management of documents – from  the documents creation, through signing to archiving. The risk of losing important documents will also disappear – they will all be secure in the e-Archive.

  5. Ecology

The added value of e-signing documents on a mobile device is a huge support for nature and propagation of the idea of ​​”paperless”. This technology eliminates the use of paper in the company, strengthening the image of a green company and having a positive impact on the environment.

These are just some of the benefits of implementing e-signing documents in your company. See for yourself that it is a technology whose implementation will pay off very quickly.