Online shop is a modern, fast, efficient sales channel that attracts new customers daily.

Besides classical e-Commerce sales, more complex, specialized solutions are available nowadays. Modern solutions offer integration of different retailers, suppliers, distributors, sales channels, business processes and programmes.

Omni-channel sales approach is gaining traction due to its seamless integration of classical e-Commerce (online) sales channels and traditional sales channels coupled with modern, targeted, personalized digital marketing.

In keeping up with market trends, OptimIT utilizes Intershop Commerce Management platform – currently leading market solution. The platform is secure, flexible and user friendly thus optimizing businesses while reducing overall expenses.

Since OptimIT focused on this segment of the market, our project teams developed numerous specialized solutions utilizing Intershop platforms thus assisting our customers in transforming business models and entering modern digital market.

Standardized web shop format seldom satisfies specific customer’s requirements. Therefore, OptimIT’s solutions are recognizable by comprehensive and systematic integration of business programmes and processes indispensable in daily routine of our customers.

Years of experience gave us valuable knowledge and helped us overcome numerous challenges. Our reward is lasting trust gained from our customers.

Each project is approached holistically, tailoring our solutions to specific requirements of our customers. OptimIT’s considerable experience brought us recognition in numerous niches:

• Sale and purchase models B2C, B2B, B2B2X, B2G
• International sales
• Enabling indirect sales channels for branches, affiliates and distributors
• Integration of business processes (stock reports, price calculations, order reports, returns) with ERP and other systems (SAP, InfoOpus, Pismohrana, MS Active Directory, Oracle EBS, MS Dynamics NAV)
• Integration of web portals and web shops enabling unique user experience
• Integration of supplier catalogues to enhance sale and supply
• Optimization of supply processes
Electronic data and document exchange (EDI) between large supply chains, distributors, suppliers, large and small retails.

About Intershop

As the e-commerce pioneer and market leader, Intershop has been setting standards in digital commerce software for over 25 years. We provide advice and support as companies digitally transform their relationships with their marketing, sales, and service personnel. Independent analysts regularly rank our B2B solutions and service portfolio as market-leading.

More than 300 successful clients worldwide lend credence to their assessment.

They operate a total of more than 1,500 web sites in 90 countries and 50 languages.

250 million products, 715 million page views, 1.3 million orders, and $250 million in revenue – every single day!