A1 Hrvatska web shop launched on Intershop, version 7.10


A1 Hrvatska, the first web shop in the world launched on the new and improved version 7.10 of the Intershop Commerce Management platform!

One of the leading telecommunication providers in Croatia, A1 Hrvatska, part of the A1 Telekom Austria Group, has been first in the world to launch their web shop on the latest version of the Intershop Commerce Management platform. Our development team has finished the version migration over the course of several days. The new platform has ensured better, more intuitive and effective product, adapted to Customer’s needs.

Version migration has been planned as a part of the A1 Hrvatska company strategy aimed at increasing customer base and improve customer online experience.

Renato Dragišić, project manager in OptimIT, has explained: „Initially we have planned the project launch on one of the previous Intershop versions while we have started the migration to the latest version in a separate branch few weeks before the project launch date. Seeing how smoothly the transition to the version 7.10 has went, we decided to keep the changes and launch the product using the latest version. “

Benefits of using Intershop Commerce Management platform in web shop development are multiple. The framework is highly scalable, features are customizable and can be adapted to specific business models, while conforming to both national and international telco service plans. Products and pricing can be tailored to suit each individual customer. The outcome product is A1 Hrvatska web shop that provides innovative, simple to use and fast online shopping.

Since the project launch, the development team has been working on adding some new exciting and innovative features for the existing web shop.

Slaven Ivan Kalinski, Portal and Webshop development senior expert at A1 Hrvatska, pleased with the project outcome, stated: „Since our customer base, along with their expectations has been in a continuous rise lately, the new platform has been a very welcome solution in order to achieve our ambitious business plan. It offers plenty of features that we plan to adopt as early as the end of this year and we are well assured of having the right solution and right IT experts to meet our expectations.”