A1 Macedonia automated webshop


A1 Macedonia launched an automated webshop and transformed its business!

Дигитална трансформација, Transformimi dixhital, ie Digital Transformation, has been one of the main topics in A1 Macedonia these months.

OptimIT’s role in their transformation was to create a webshop for users and automate business processes. The final result is now available on the A1 Macedonia Webshop.

What was the goal of creating the webshop and what is A1 Live Shop?

Facilitate online sales and increase sales results through a simple and user-friendly interface.

A1 Macedonia has over 2500 products in its online offer! Each product can now be previewed and purchased in just minutes via the new webshop.

Webshop is also an ideal solution for increasing accessibility to users, easier contracting and buying mobile devices from your own home, and in addition, there is Slavcho.

A1 Live Shop is an innovative service, available first time in Macedonia! It allows using a virtual store and talking with agents, making instant purchases and ordering shipments straight to the customer’s home.

What have we all automated?

  • A somewhat outdated way of ordering and processing orders

When a customer orders a new line and buys a device with it, his order automatically sits in the A1 business systems, is sent to the warehouse, the delivery note goes to the logistics service and all procedures are done through the system.

  • Contract renewal process

In addition to extending your contract, A1 Macedonia enabled the extension of several contracts at once through the webshop. A person who has several telephone lines in his name has the option of extending all contracts for those lines at once, allocating the budget by devices or choosing only certain ones on which he wants to apply something new.

  • Transfer a number from another network
  • Ordering new lines and devices

What are the benefits for the user?

In addition to the fact that they will not have to physically go A1 Store, customers can also:

  • find the best products and services within the A1 offer and order the same – over 2500 devices!
  • check current promotions and discounts
  • request an individual offer – created especially for each user
  • enter into new contracts or extend existing ones
  • extend multiple contracts at once
  • make product comparison
  • quickly and easily find the information you need
  • talk to the agent, digital technicial or Slavcho

What is A1 guru aka Slavcho?

Slavcho A1 Guru

Slavcho is a chatbot with which users can chat in Macedonian and Albanian. It works from 0-24, all days of the week and may not solve your marital problems, but it will help with technical issues related to using mobile and fixed services, paying bills or even recommending a new device. You can contact Slavcho through the web, Viber or Facebook messenger.

From idea to result

After detailed assessments, analyzes and ideas, we started the development.

The implementation of the project itself lasted a year. As in the case of A1 Croatia, the webshop was placed on the Intershop platform.

To keep the visual identity and user experience at the highest level, we collaborated with our long-term partner Krik studio.