E-documents and EDInet


The use of electronic data interchange (EDI) has so far accelerated many businesses, reduce costs and errors in documents, and increased the security of the interchange.

Connecting manufacturers and customers via EDI, OTH, PKI method, allows the exchange of necessary documents in just a few minutes (eg e-invoice, e-order, e-dispatch advice, e-purchase order, …,).

The entire business process is uncomplicated, easy to monitor and ensures the immutability, authenticity and integrity of the data.

Documents are visible in the EDInet system 24/7. In addition to invoice exchange, there is a possibility of electronic archiving (e-archive) and time stamping to ensure their stability and validity for a legally specified period.

The system is intended for large and small companies. Depending on the technical capabilities, prerequisites of the user, there are 2 ways to use the service:

  • EDInet web interface – online interface for companies that exchange a small number of documents or do not have a technically ready solution in a business program for creating and processing electronic documents
  • EDInet connector (integration with ERP) – for companies that exchange a large number of documents (automation of sending and receiving documents via business / ERP solutions)

Companies that use the EDInet platform can exchange documents with business partners and public procurement entities (B2G users) through a single system, which greatly facilitates their handling and monitoring.

E-invoice for public procurement payers – B2G (FINA)

From 01.07.2019. everyone who does business with public procurement payers in Croatia is obliged to send e-invoices to the central platform (FINA).

Our EDInet solution has been expanded in accordance with the new legal requirements as well as the requirements of the Financial Agency and the obligor of public procurement.

Given that there are many companies that need to exchange only a few invoices per year, using the EDInet interface is ideal. It does not require installation, it is simple and user-friendly.

EDI, EDInet, e-invoice, e-purchase order, B2B, B2G, e-archive
EDI possibilities with OptimIT / Infinite

Why choose the EDInet platform as your electronic data interchange – EDI system?

  • The Edinet platform is used by more than 5,000 users around the world
  • Ability to exchange different types of documents (e-invoices, e-order, e-delivery note, e-receipt)
  • Possibility of exchanging documents with international partners (active relations with partners in Serbia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Germany….)
  • System availability 0/24
  • Security – OptimIT and Infinite have been offering electronic document exchange services for almost 15 years on the Croatian, EU and international markets
  • Adaptation to user needs and affordability
  • Use of electronic archives (e-archives) as part of an exchange with the public or private sector (e-signature + timestamp)
  • Active partnership with many companies involved in EDI exchange (over 100 different suppliers / customers)
  • We support different types and kinds of documents (XML (Oagis, UBL 2.1,….), JSON, EDIFACT, TXT)
  • We support various communication channels (FTP, SFTP, AS2, WS)
  • Ability to connect to a DMS or ERP system

Your business can be faster, safer and more efficient, at a lower cost, if you use the right systems.

Therefore contact us via e-mail at edi@optimit.hr or tel: +385 01 7897 300 and let us help you!