JavaCro conference 2023


This year, part of our development team attended the JavaCro conference in Rovinj. In 3 days they heard great lecturers and interesting talks and learned a lot of new things about security, new technologies and trends in the world of programming.

Conference topics were divided into the following categories: Technologies and Solutions, Methodologies and Tools, Trends, Future and Community, Web and Mobile, Best Practices and Success Stories, Core Java and Keynote Speech. In addition to the lectures, there were also workshops and training sessions.

The speakers at this year’s edition were: Eike Schmidt, Johan Janssen, Ivo Lukač, Sebastian Daschner, Jamie Coleman, Hugh Mckee, Erwin Manders, Tom Hoeken, Aleš Justin, Daniel Strmečki, David Vlijmincx, Bobur Umurzokov, Tim te Beek, Melina Schweizer, Wojciech Gawronski i Alexander Chatzizacharias.

We hereby congratulate the organizers (HrOUG Hrvatska udruga Oracle korisnika i HUJAK) for the great conference.

How it was at Rovinj you can see in a video that our Vanessa made for us.