Tomato: Successful launch on Intershop


Since our latest successful project for the A1 Hrvatska – the launch of Intershop Commerce Management web shop – our development experts overcame a new challenge and managed to set up a whole new web shop brand channel for the A1 Hrvatska, called Tomato.

Since March 4th, 2019 the new, rebranded Tomato web shop is available to A1 customers providing even simpler and faster shopping experience. Along with well-known Tomato pre-paid packages, the web shop offer is now enriched with a whole new concept of buying post-paid mobile services online. Customers can now review and combine all the post-paid service tariffs and options online as well as use discounts, coupons and campaign offer to lower their monthly costs if buying online. Contracts can be made and renewed online, without ever going to the store or calling customer service.

One of the novelties is also the service of transferring mobile phone number from the different telecom operators and change monthly plans from pre-paid to post-paid. The sole process of new number activation has also been simplified for the customer and the backend processes are now much faster. Beside the new functionalities, the site has been completely redesigned with the new visual identity and UX, as well as fully optimized for the use on mobile devices.

Thanks to the very scalable and flexible architecture, provided by Intershop Commerce Management platform, Tomato web shop has been fully integrated with the A1 Hrvatska web shop, which means all the novelties and feature improvements are made available on both sites and all the transactions can be reviewed and monitored by the administrators through a single point back office interface.

“Our clients’ experience on working with Intershop Commerce Management platform has been extremely positive from the start. It completely meets our clients’ expectations along with making our developers happy. Our experts prefer working with Intershop because it provides a modern development interface with lots of potential for new features and upgrades according to our customer needs.” – said our CEO, Denis Trupec.

“The whole project of developing the new Tomato web shop took approximately three months and it included the migration to the new platform version – Intershop Commerce Management as well as upgrades of the existing A1 web shop core features used on both shops. The integration with A1 business systems has been done through a single backend interface in order to simplify and accelerate the sales process of both channels.

New goals have already been set and we are now aiming at implementing new marketing promotion capabilities and migrate the platform to the latest version.”

The project has been implemented in cooperation with following companies: Netgen, CROZ, Integracija Od-Do and Computer Systems.