E-Archive and electronic archiving


As an EDI & e-Invoice provider, OptimIT also offers module e-Archive which allows users to electronically archive documents for a legally prescribed period or longer, if necessary.

e-Archive is a digital storage for digital documents, mainly e-invoices. It has a big advantage over physical records cause all files are in one place, accessible 0-24 via computer, phone, or tablet.


vremenska oznaka, vremenski žig

When entering the electronic archive ie e-archive, the documents are time-stamped by a third party, a certification body that guarantees the legally prescribed conditions for the correct storage of electronic documents.

A timestamp is used to prove the exact date of the creation or signing of an electronic document (eg invoice). It guarantees its immutability from the moment of storage.

Timestamping also provides protection against counterfeiting.

For security, access to archived accounts in a readable form is provided only to authorized users via the WEB interface.

EDInet e-Archive - process from creating document to sending and archiving
E-archiving process

As an additional service to electronic archiving, our users can request full customization of PDF documents. This way, users can maximize the display of documents according to business needs.

Electronic signature (e-signature)

digitalni potpis, elektronički potpis

The PDF can be additionally signed with an electronic certificate. The certificate reads to the company issuing the electronic invoice and is done to the internal environment of the signatory.

An electronic signature, ie e-signature ensures the authenticity and integrity of the electronic document, together with the integrity and originality of data:

  • Authenticity for the recipient of the message is a guarantee that indeed a particular company sent the document and not someone else 
  • Integrity refers to the security that data is not altered during transmission or processing

What are the advantages of using electronic archiving, ie e-Archives?

  • Document availability 0-24
  • Documents are saved in the original format
  • Documents are electronically signed and time-stamped
  • Archiving costs are reduced
  • Possibility to download documents in the required format (eg XML)
  • Quick search and filtering options
  • System security and reliability
  • Simple to use and automated
  • Creating and downloading reports of archived documents (CSV, PDF, XSL)
  • Ability to select PDF views (from your system or create a special PDF view for your company according to your needs)

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