More than a hundred users recognized the service of electronic data interchange (EDI) as an appropriate, modern solution of the "paperless office" concept. Digital electronic business accelerates administrative and business processes by increasing productivity and reducing costs. Users usually use electronic data interchange services via online EDInet interface or through the integration of services with the business program of the user. Fackelmann company uses EDI Suite Services integration solution with the user's business program.

Idea, who, what

Fackelmann Ltd. company is our user since 2010. It is a part of the Fackelmann Group headquartered in Germany.

The entire group operates worldwide using EDI services and solutions. Their core business is distribution of consumer goods to large retailer chains and currently they cooperate with eleven customers using EDInet services for data interchange (orders, ordrsp, invoices, desadv).

Challenge, goal

OptimIT acts as an intermediary between two or more business partners who digitally exchange core business documents (such as orders, invoices, desadv…).

The documents exchange takes place through an electronic data interchange system (EDI – Electronic Data Interchange).
If the user is unable to integrate business systems with the EDInet solution, we offer the use of EDInet service through the web interface.

In a secure electronic environment, documents of any format are received, then transformed and exported in the formats required by the end user.

Strategy, Technology, Solution

EDInet service enable secure exchange of data and documents through several communication protocols, such as AS2, SFTP, FTP, or through the web Interface.

It minimizes manual input errors, optimizes resources, and improves the quality and competitiveness on the market.

More information can be found on our partner’s site: Infinite IT solutions