Implementation of KEKS Pay in A1 web shop


We are proud that our client, A1 Hrvatska, is the first telecommunications company in Croatia to include this payment method in its offer. KEKS Pay is used by a lot of users in Croatia today, so the implementation of a new payment option in the web shop is a great advantage for all merchants.

KEKS is simple and safe to use, and there is no need to write all the data from the card. Since these are the most common reasons for funnel drop-offs when the products are already in the cart, we believe that A1 will achieve significant benefits with this integration.

The payment process is completed in just 4 steps:

1. Select the payment method – KEKS Pay

2. Open the KEKS app on your mobile phone

3. Select the option “Scan and pay”

4. Scan the QR code that appeared on the web shop

– The dynamic QR code is opened in a web search and contains information about the invoice and the amount

– An alternative to QR is a deep-link that is activated when shopping is done via mobile devices

5. Confirm the payment in the application and that’s it! 😁

From the technical side, all data exchange between KEKS Pay and the web shop server takes place via HTTP POST with JSON content.

Just a few months ago, we implemented Revolut Pay,, now KEKS Pay – we can’t wait for new challenges on the A1 Croatia web shop!