Revolut Pay for A1 webshop customers!


Great and exciting news – we have launched Revolut Pay for A1 webshop customers!

This new payment option, developed in collaboration with Revolut developers and other partners, complements the already available credit card and cash methods and makes shopping even easier and faster. All payments made with Revolut Pay are validated using fingerprint or Face ID, ensuring a secure online checkout.

A1 Croatia is the first major Revolut Pay partner in Croatia and the first major telco provider that integrated this payment system!

Revolut Pay is a payment method developed by Revolut in 2022, which aims to simplify the online payment process for customers. It offers a faster and more secure payment experience, with payments validated by biometric technology.

revolut pay

What does this mean for webshop customers?

  1. It simplifies the checkout process.

Customers no longer have to enter their credit card information or log in to a separate account to complete their purchase. Instead, they can pay by simply tapping, using their fingerprint or face ID. This saves time and effort and makes online shopping even more convenient.

All private users can purchase:

• prepaid mobile phones
• postpaid mobile phones
• used mobile phones
• gadgets and accessories
• tourist SIM cards

  1. Revolut Pay offers more security.

Online fraud is a big problem for many people, and Revolut Pay addresses this issue by validating payments through biometric technology. This makes it much harder for fraudsters to obtain customers’ payment details or use stolen cards to make unauthorised purchases. Plus, it’s a prepaid card, so you don’t have to access all of your money data.

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The launch of Revolut Pay shows that A1 webshop is committed to providing the best possible online shopping experience with a range of payment options. As Revolut Pay becomes more popular, it’s likely that more webshops will adopt this payment method in the future.

The project was carried out in collaboration with the following companies: Netgen, CROZ and Human. The A1 webshop is based on a very flexible architecture provided by the Intershop platform, which makes all upgrades easier and more user-friendly.