EDInet services (EDI = Electronic Data Interchange) are used by a hundred or so Croatian companies and over two thousand world-wide.

Over a decade OptimIT utilizes cutting- edge technologies for electronic data and documents exchange. Our partner in this segment is Infinite SP.z.o.o, a successful, reputable company present in the market over twenty years.

OptimIT operates as an intermediator between users and their business partners in exchange of data and documents. As EDI mediator, OptimIT poses as focal point of services pertaining to the exchange and archiving of electronic data and documents, in accordance with existing Croatian legislature.

OptimIT offers comprehensive electronic data and documents (such as Orders, Despatch Advice, Orders Response, Invoices) exchange service between business partners. EDI services are available in several modalities.

Modality is determined by specific professional demands of customers and their business partners. Additionally, OptimIT offers e-archive module. Customers can archive electronic data and documents even if their business partners do not utilize EDInet system and services.

EDInet solution optimizes and automates business processes, reducing costs to all parties, minimizes human errors and improves overall productivity.



Invoice issued by



IT Intermdiator 

Infinite Suite

FINA certificates

FINA certificates

Invoice download via HTTPS

*all users

Invoice download via e-mail as attachment

*all users

Invoice download via web EDInet interface

*EDInet users only

Invoice upload directly into business program of the invoice recipients

*EDInet users only


Digital time stamp

*stamp by various legally recognized authorities within EU


Electronic archive

Infinite E Archive Suite