What can a company gain using electronic invoices (e-invoice)?


More and more often you can meet with the proposal to replace the traditional invoice with its electronic counterpart, i.e. e-Invoice.

Why do companies encourage you to switch to an electronic invoice?

  • Do they see it as a way to reduce costs? Yes.
  • Does the use of e-invoices save valuable time? Yes.
  • Do customers also benefit from e-invoices? Of course.  

Remember that each electronic invoice has the same legal value as a paper document.

This means that situations, where postal invoices were delayed or did not arrive at all, can be forgotten. The same applies to the continuous search of a stack of office binders for a specific document. All thanks to the transition to e-invoices which in 2008 – 5% of Polish enterprises used, while currently over 25%.

Benefits of using e-invoices:      

  • Using e-invoices reduces the waiting time for bills. The electronic document at the time of issue goes to the provided e-mail address.
  • The convenience of archiving. Electronic invoices, unlike traditional invoices, do not take up space in the office.
  • You protect the environment by choosing e-invoices.
  • Accessibility from anywhere. After logging in to your mailbox from anywhere, you will be able to view the received document.
  • e-Invoice improves business processes in the company. If you find a specific document, you don’t need to flip through a pile of papers – keeping a computer database of all invoices will speed up and improve searches, which will save valuable time.
  • Lowering costs. By sending invoices in electronic form to contractors, the company saves on printing the paper invoice and the costs of the parcel.
web interface for e-invoices and other e-documents

Infinite IT Solutions has prepared Infinite e-Invoice Suite solution which streamlines the shipping process by generating it to a .pdf format and sending it directly to the email address provided.

An electronic invoice in a company is an increasingly popular way to securely manage electronic documents. Its biggest advantage is the significant decrease in distribution costs. Electronic invoices have a high delivery efficiency and are environmentally friendly. The group of companies replacing the traditional e-Invoice envelope is constantly growing. Also, their customers expect the option of receiving e-Invoices, which is more convenient than storing paper versions.