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D&CMS, eCommerce

Web and internet technologies based solutions. Providing electronic data interchange services (EDI). Document and Content Management system based on Escenic, Alfresco, Liferay and Ephesoft solutions. ECommerce solutions (Intershop Enfinity, Konakart) for B2B and B2C business. Developing specifically custom made applications.

System integration

Designing complete IT systems – ‘turn-key' solutions which include system architecture design, computer and network infrastructure equipment, installations, settings, adjustments, implementing and connecting multi-tier program solutions, planning and implementation of data-storage systems.


Strategic, IT consulting, project management, quality control and supervision, technical support outsourcing and time/material services. Writing technical documentation; business processes reengineering, adopting applications to your business needs, change management, designing functional and technical specifications (SRS); support with implementing quality control systems;

Creating alerts using Common Alerting Protocol

CAP made easy - installation instructions and shell script for creating, signing and posting alerts using Common Alerting Protocol.

JavaScript quick fix

How to use regular expressions to find common and hard to find programming errors in Javascript.

Bring color to your logs

Describes why and how to color log output in the development tools such as Eclipse.

Bulk replacement of URLs in Liferay web content

How to make a bulk modification of URLs across multiple web articles by modifying the Liferay database.

Using Google Translate Toolbar with Liferay language localization

Describes the integration of a multilingual application within the monolingual Liferay portal using the integration of Google Translate Gadget along with the standard Liferay localization mechanism.