Parkovi Hrvatske


In cooperation with UNDP Croatia, OptimIT developed web portal „Parkovi Hrvatske“, based on Liferay platform, providing information on all national parks and nature parks in Croatia for the first time. Integrated part of the portal is online web shop offering purchase of the parks’ admission tickets and services inside the park area.

Idea, who, what

Project started in 2015 as a cooperation with UNDP Croatia and Ministry of Environment and Energy. There was a need for one central online place to present, for the first time, eight national parks and eleven nature parks in Croatia.

Online web portal “Parkovi Hrvatske” was designed and developed with seamlessly integrated web shop for purchasing entrance admission tickets and souvenirs from parks.

Challenge, goal

Request was for interactive online web portal that can provide satisfying user’s experience while enabling seamless integration with e-Commerce solution for tickets purchase. System also had to be integrated with ERP platform to provide secure purchase and online payment methods.

Besides providing important information and news, portal is imagined as single, central administrative data source point through which all the park representatives can review and input information such as geocoordinate locations of all the important areas in Croatian parks.

It was quite a challenge to adjust attractive design, all defined functionalities, multi-language of portal (Croatian, English, German and Italian) and integrate the system for highlighting geocoordinates of interesting attractions in the protected park areas.

Additionally, portal needed to be optimized and integrated as a single data source point for the mobile application and guidance devices (so called beacon devices) guiding and informing visitors through their mobile devices.

Strategy, Technology, Solution

Liferay platform is chosen for its potential to develop all functionalities requested by the Customer. The result is multi-functional online platform that can collect data, integrate with e-Commerce system for reservation and purchase of entrance admission tickets as well as mobile application. Additionally, Liferay solution enables integration with external systems such as weather forecasting API, Bioportal geolocational platform, WFS services and social networks. Users may search parks information, find locations and routes, send photographs, etc.

This complex project was developed in cooperation with following companies: Krik Studio, FatDUX, Infoart Grupa and RAO.

OptimIT provides continuous support and maintenance of the system.

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