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Ephesoft is an open source solution for document capture, sorting and scanning. It is completely web based and simple to use. It dramatically boosts efficiency and simplifies document capture business processes.

Ephesoft comes in two editions:

  • Ephesoft Enterprise Edition is an open source software with commercial support and extended capabilities

  • Ephesoft Community Edition is 100% open source software, free for download and use

There is no license fee for the Ephesoft Enterprise Edition. Annual subscription guarantees technical support, access to the knowledge base and availability of service packs and hot fixes.

Ephesoft enables document capture from variety of sources such as scanner, fax machine, email, EDI systems and document repositories. Incoming documents are automatically sorted. Data extracted from the document using OCR functionality are saved together with the document into target repository. Supported input document formats are TIFF and PDF. Supported output document formats are TIFF, PDF, CSV and XML.

Ephesoft comprises several specialized modules. Every module has predefined plugins that can be turned on or off. Such architecture allows simple configuration of processing workflow for different document types. For example, invoice processing workflow may include automatic data extraction (e.g. customer name, invoice date, amount, VAT and so on). For other document types it may be enough to recognize document type and pass it to other system for further processing.

Ephesoft can be customized and configured in a different ways to fit customer's specific needs. As an example, documents could be sorted by content, by document layout or using barcode. Automatic data extraction can be implemented using OCR and regular expressions, but also with a help of barcodes or lookups in relational database.

Validation of sorting and automated data extraction is performed through intuitive user's interface. It is also possible to perform automatic validation.


Ephesoft is compatible with variety of enterprise content management, business process management, fax and email systems. Document delivery module provides plugins for all major enterprise content management systems including but not limited to Alfresco, FileNet, Documentum and Microsoft Sharepoint.

Every module allows extensions by mean of Java scripts which allows easy customization of standard functionalities.

Ephesoft modules include:

  • Import

  • Page processing

  • Document assembler

  • Review

  • Extraction

  • Validation

  • Export

Why Ephesoft:

  • Cost efficient solution

  • Imports document from variety of sources

  • Increases availability of key business information

  • Fast adoption

  • Easy to use and maintain