Central Finance and Contracting Agency (CFCA) uses our Doc.Doc document management solution - modern digital tool that simplified internal procedures and increased efficiency. Doc.Doc is successfully integrated with archive. OptimIT provides continuous user support and maintenance.

Idea, who, what

Customer sought to improve efficiency and business processes along with simplifying office management.

Our Doc.Doc solution was recognized as suitable option that ensures modern digital paperless business.

Goal was to secure continuous supervision of all documents and files, from acceptance and processing, to dispatch and archiving.

Challenge, goal

First phase of the project consisted of identifying organizational processes and minutia necessary for proper implementation throughout the system.

Already existing Doc.Doc application required customization to align with Customer’s needs and specific requirements. Our development team tuned existing modules to accommodate specific requirements.

Customer required continuous tracking of all processes, inputs and outputs, storing and archiving, as well as creating access rules for the data and documents, while considering internal organization. New modules were introduced that are Agency specific, such as professional or personal training request, IT equipment requests and various leave days requests.

In final stage, Doc.Doc application was integrated with external archive system and additional system already in use, necessary to support Customer’s processes.

OptimIT provides continual user support and maintenance.

Strategy, Technology, Solution

Document management application is web-based solution that enables speedy and efficient handling of documents from any place at any time.

Application is in accordance with Croatian legislature. System receives documents via email, network scanners, local upload or drag and drop. Once the document is in the system, it is registered and assigned to a user. Upon processing, document is archived while remaining available to authorized users through the application.

For more information you can find out on:  Doc.Doc