Secure Web Portal


Our development team has successfully created the Secure Web Portal for International Organization, a unique solution for collecting and processing a multitude of data from a variety of sources. The portal is successfully integrated with a dozen various systems that the organization uses daily. Collected information is organized, visualized and presented to Member States on daily basis.

Idea, who, what

Existing user systems for collecting and processing a large number of data were not integrated. The data were collected from various sources and presented to users through obsolete system running on legacy hardware and software stack that could no longer be maintained. The client lacked both high quality documentation and expertise that would enable gradual migration of the system to the new environment. Such inefficient system was no longer responsive to the International Organization, so it decided to create a solution that would allow quick and high-quality data collection and processing in one place while supporting a large number of views.

Challenge, goal

The customer has requested an interactive platform and reporting portal within the organization that includes information gathered from over thirty different portlets (such as IDC and DOTS databases, KPI repository, etc.) and their processing. A large amount of collected data should be presented according to the unique requirements of individual users/states – for example in the form of different tables, charts, written ad-hoc reports, maps, and file folders.

A special challenge was the integration of the proposed solution with a dozen various platforms and systems, such as the so-called “big data” systems for collecting and processing a huge amount of data (exceeding 1 TB of data per day). Since most of data sources were not properly documented, implementation required a great deal of reverse engineering to understand the nuances and specifics of the legacy system.

Additionally, it was important for the client to preserve the integrity of the corporate visual identity.

Strategy, Technology, Solution

The portal is developed on Liferay technology, the most appropriate solution for successful collection, processing and presentation of data from internal and external databases, KPI repositories and similar sources. Liferay as a platform allows centralized management and monitoring of content collected or prepared from multiple data sources.

Upon retrieval, the data is visually displayed through the portlets using standard HTML supported by jQuery components and Google Maps generated using the Google Earth user server. Data is graphically displayed using FusionCharts and Crystal XCelsius technology. The client may have over a one hundred various data sources displayed (reports, file folders, tables, etc.).

The user experience is unique, regardless of the data access point.

During the development of the document management module, the Alfresco DMS solution was used for its seamless integration with the Liferay portal. In this way, the system is fully adapted to the users’ needs and requirements.

This integrated solution proved to be very successful and fully functional due to the control and management of all data and activities and their monitoring and reporting in accordance with the given criteria.